Laymani Acres is a homestead in SouthEast Ohio with Boer Goats and Great Pyrenees livestock guardians.  Our herd began in 2016 with the purchase of some good-looking Boers from local farms.  Of course, barns, equipment, fencing, and more goats followed!  Two beautiful kids were just born in April, with more coming.

We look forward to our spring and summer crop of kids.  By late fall, we should be breeding for percentage Boers out of Dapple Dan, our Fullblood Boer buck.  As the herd grows, we intend to offer Commercial, Percentage, and Fullblood Boers.

Along with our Boer Goats, we have a breeding pair of Great Pyrenees livestock guardians.  These are working dogs, who spend all of their time with the goats.  In time, we expect to offer a few Great Pyrenees puppies as livestock guardians.

A key component of Laymani Acres is Herdsman Services.  We offer all of the normal maintenance functions that your goats or sheep need.

Laymani Boxers, a Boxer breeding program, resides on the adjacent property.


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Laymani Acres