Zena's puppies arrived, as expected, the evening of 16 December 2007.  She was calm and handled the delivery very well.  Afterward, she settled right down to nurse, and by 2 AM the whole crew (all girls) was sleeping peacefully.


The new puppies had their initial vet visit 19 December.  The fawns each weighed 1.5 pounds, while the brindles were 1.25 pounds.  Everyone gained in the few days they have been with us.  The puppies also had their tails docked and dewclaws removed.  Our veterinarian gave them each a general physical and all are doing fine.  Zena also had a post-whelping checkup and was in good shape.


27 December 07

Zena and the puppies are all thriving.  The puppies are getting fat and had their first manicure today.  Momma wants to spend more time outside or loose in the house.  I suspect that trimming those "eagle's claws" will help with that.  All of the puppies are showing "peepers" as their eyes begin to open, and they are beginning to lift up on their front legs.  Grandson Jacob held the Brindle with the White Stripe on her neck for an hour this afternoon.  Right now, midafternoon, Zena and the puppies are together in the whelping box for a feeding.  The biggest Fawn weighs just over 2.5 pounds and the others are close behind.


30 December 07

Its bath day for the Zena puppies!  As always, the whites will get whiter and the darks will get lighter.  Some of the smaller white features on these puppies will reduce to barely there and noses will completely darken over the next couple months.  The puppies are scooting about the whelping box and finding their voices.  Everyone complained long and loud about the bath!


At present, Betina (Betty) can be distinguished by a white stripe on her neck and a dark spot in the white blaze on her face.  Betty looks quite a bit like sister Molly, but you can tell the difference with a close look.

The first photo of Molly was in the actual bath water.  She wasn't too sure about being wet!  We expect her coloring to brighten to brindle with time.

The two Fawns are both large.  Mona has white up to between her eyes, while Lisa has a white stripe to the top of her forehead.

Lisa fills the basket already!  She is close to Mona's twin, with an extra share of wrinkles.


All the puppies look a bit damp.  We took photos right after bathing and a quick towel-off.  Jacob was able to help with handling the puppies and really enjoyed helping Denise with baths.  As soon as we had the photos finished, Betty, Molly, Mona and Lisa went back under the heat lamp to warm up.

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