Winnie is a Female Fawn with White on her Nose and a White Chest.  She weighed 4 pounds on 20 September.

Photos by Kristie Detlor, No Limits Images


On September 6, Winnie weighed 3 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.

Winnie weighed 1.5 pounds on August 21.

5 October 07

Thanks for the update on Sorella,

We still haven't come up with a name, but we're getting close! I am leaving tomorrow on my trip so I wanted to go out today and get the things I will need for when I get her. I was wondering on what to buy? Kind of food? Brand names of the toys she likes? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have an appointment on Tuesday the 16th for her to get checked and get her nine week shots. Look forward to meeting you soon.




17 October 07

Hi Denise,

Everything with is great with Winnie. We went to the vet yesterday and I discovered that I did not have her shot record right before we went. He saw her date of birth and went ahead and gave her the nine week old shots, but he does want a copy of the records. If you could mail them to me that would be great. Other than that she was a model patient, and he was very impressed with her. My grandparents absolutely love her, as do I. Potty training isn't starting out too well, but we're workin on it! I gotta get to work, I will write more and send you some pictures soon.




7 February 08

Hello Guy and Denise,

Sorry it has taken so long to write you. Things have been a bit hectic, but Winnie has been a joy to all who are around her. As she grows she continues to give more and more love all the time. My grandparents have been out of town on a cruise to South America for about a month and for most of that time we had her boarded with a woman who trains dogs for show, and is a boxer enthusiast. I call it "Puppy Boot Camp." I got her back two nights ago and its wonderful having her around. It was a blessing because without my grandparents around it kills me to think of her locked up in her crate while i work 60 or so hours a week. She also learned alot and is so well behaved. She is still a puppy and gets forgetful of her manners now and then, but Anne was able to teach her alot. She is great on the leash and hardly ever has accidents. I am hoping that when my grandparents get back on Monday that she will no longer look at grandma like a chew toy.

In December she was finally given clearence from the vet to go visit her brothers over at Josh and Dana's, let me tell you that was quite a site. The three of them did not stop running or wrestling for the three hours I was over there. The boys picked on her a bit but she held her own. When she was with Anne in january she got to pal around with her boxer Daffney and the other dogs she trains for shows. Anne says she learned lots of new wrestling tricks so I will have to take her over she she can try them out on her brothers.

I follow the pics on your website and the new puppies are so cute. Glad to hear that Chevy found a home. Josh wanted to get him as well but he was too afraid that Dana would kill him:) Hope all is well. Again I apologize this took so long.



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