Stella Bella

 Stella Bella is a sweet, lovable puppy.  She likes to scamper around and play with the other puppies.  Lately, she has been practicing "batting" the others with her forepaws.

Laymani Bella Cinque
9.5 pounds at 6 weeks
(Beautiful #5)
A Cleveland Valentine's Puppy!

14 March 07

I have the most amazing picture of my big Stella on my computer and everyone loves her to death. I thought it would be a good one to show you how she's grown. :) This was taken Sunday morning. She weighed in last week at 16.5 pounds. She gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks. She loves the warmer weather, constantly running around the house crying to be outside watching cars go by and kids and dogs and leaves and anything that moves... hahah  We're all doing great!


10 May 07

Hi Denise!  

Stella's definitely a handful and we've got our work cut out for us! She loves to bark and jump and do all the typical Boxer things that make them so "special." hahah It's just a matter of non-stop, consistent training to get her into shape I hope. ;) She was doing real well with her training and now she's in a rebellious spurt! Trying to see what she can get away with. We're trying to learn all we can so that we're training her correctly, but I still think she runs the house! haha 

I hope you guys had fun Kayaking! I'm so glad the weather's finally gotten warmer! Stella is too... :) 


6 August 07

I attached a couple pictures of Stella from over the weekend. Not very clear, I took them with my cell phone. But she's so happy and has been such a good girl! I'm guessing she's about 50-55 pounds. We take her on multiple walks a day to wear her out and play ball and she loves to play frisbee! :)

Kelly, Matt and Sweet Stella!

22 August 07

We also just returned from our annual trip to the lake in Canada. I'll forward you some pictures later. She had an amazing time meeting new friends, basking in the sun, hanging out by campfires and splashing in the lake. She is not a fan of swimming however... haha She would walk into the lake (by the beach) and try to grab her tennis ball, which she would just push further away and then her back legs would start floating and she would immediately start backpeddling... hysterical!! haha So we picked her up and carried her out a couple feet and had her swim back in, which she did, but definitely not on her own. Maybe next year! haha

Glad to hear you guys are doing so well and I'll forward pictures soon!

Kelly, Matt and Stella


Stella is doing wonderful!!! She's even bigger than our friends Boxers! :) She hasn't been weighed in a while but I'm betting around 70-75 pounds! :) So finally, attached are some pictures I hope you love! A couple are very recent (with her favorite toy - a stainless steel bowl!) and then some are from Canada in August. Amazing what a difference a couple months makes! :) She seriously will not part with this bowl. She will carry it around until she finds her ball... and then put it down, put the ball inside the bowl, and then carry it around with the ball rolling back and forth in the bowl. Hysterical! haha She's a little prissy when it comes to wet grass too... haha She's such a great dog though and we love her to pieces!

I'm so glad to hear that everything is going so well! We would love to come down and visit. Maybe in the spring we'll be ready for #2! :) 

Enjoy the pictures!


Kelly, Matt and Stella

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