Reverend and Deacon have joined the same Laymani Family.



Reverend is a light Fawn Male with a little White on Chest and Chin.  He weighed 2.5 pounds on August 21.

On September 6, this puppy weighed 4.25 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.

6 September 07

Dear Guy & Denise,

    Thank you so much for the pictures of our boys! Today is my birthday and I couldn't ask for a better present. They are absolutely precious! Bishop looks like a hoss compared to Rev. We are so excited to have them in our lives. It was 10 years ago today that I recieved Zeus. He was a present for my 20th birthday. It's funny how life goes in circles. I'm glad you are part of our circle. The 22nd of this month looks like the day. We have it marked. We will take off that Monday, so we can get the boys to the vet. We are so anxious to meet the both of you, although it already feels as if we have known each other forever. I better go, I am at work and we have calling hours tonight. Thanks again and kiss those squeaky clean boys for us.   


                                  Dana & Josh

19 September 07

Dear Guy & Denise,

    We are so excited to see you and the boys on Friday. We are planning on leaving our house early, so we should get there around 9:30 or 10am. We hope this is okay. It will take us about two hours to drive there, so we have a long exciting day ahead of us. My family is planning a welcome home party for the boys. Everyone is so excited to see them. They are already loved and adored. We were just curious if you have any recommendations as to things we need to bring with us. We are hoping they will just joyfully ride in the car with us. When we get them back here, we are going to take them to PetSmart and buy them new collars and get their tags made. We just wanted to touch base and say hello and see if you have any suggestions for our interesting road trip. We can't wait to finally meet you in person. Friday is going to be a GREAT day. Please let us know if 9:30 or 10 is too early for you. Thanks a million!

          Dana & Josh

8 October 07

Dear Guy & Denise,

    We are pleased to announce the safe homecoming of our baby Rev. He is doing great! He was so happy to be reunited with us and Clyde. The Dr. said everything looks good. He has lost a little weight. We are to keep him on a bland diet for the next few days. We are so happy and so blessed to have him back. We are even more blessed to have the opportunity to give another Laymani boxer a great home. Dr. Vesper sais he wants to see him immediately and we will vaccinate a few days early. He thinks everything should be fine. We have decontaminated everything in the house we can think of. You don't know how much this second chance means to us. I am planning on riding down with Craig on Thursday. I would like to come earlier but I don't think he can get off work. It's going to be great to have all these boxer babies together! I know Zeus and Bishop are looking down upon us with their approval. I know Bishop has a great friend in heaven and that brings me peace. You try to look for the silver lining of every cloud. This sickness has devastated us and our entire family, but I feel we are all much more educated now. Well, I better run, the Rev man needs some TLC. Thank you so much!


                                                     Dana & Josh


Deacon is Flashy Fawn Male with a large White Forehead Stripe and Partial Collar.  He weighed 5.75 pounds on 20 September.

Deacon is pictured here with his buddy Funanbolo.  You can tell the difference by the wider White Stripe on Deacon's Forehead.


Above Photos by Kristie Detlor, No Limits Images

On September 6, Deacon weighed 4 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.


Deacon weighed 1.75 pounds on August 21.

12 October 07

Dear Guy & Denise,

     It was so good to see you last night. Our ride home went well. We made it home about 10:30. Deacon and Winnie did really well. They slept on my lap. Craig and his grandparents are in love. I can promise you that little Winnie will be extremely spoiled. Reverend and Clyde welcomed Deacon last night. I think they were both a little intimidated by his size. It was funny, Reverend almost seemed a little jealous. When we took Deacon's bandana off of him, Rev took it and starting tearing at it. After I got after him, he then proceeded to urinate on it. He didn't know what to do at first, but they finally warmed up and became buddies. They have now formed an alliance to take down Clyde. Deacon's vet appointment went great this morning. He was a big hit, literally. Everything was fine, his stool was clean, and he got his shots. He will go back in three weeks to get more. They just told us to keep a close eye on he and Rev and make sure to clean up all stool and bleach immediately, just to be on the safe side. We are all very optimistic for a great outcome and a great life together. Thank you so much for everything you have done. Your cards were very sweet. You are both wonderful people. Josh and I realize that you didn't have to do what you did. It just proves to us what special people you are and how much you love your puppies. We believe God brought you into our lives at a time when we needed you most. It's funny how he knows what people need from one another. He has definitely looked out for us. Bringing the both of you and these wonderful puppies into our lives just proves to me that he is in control and he does know what you need and when you need it. Well, I better go, I just wanted to let you know that all is well in the Tidd household. We will be in touch soon.


                                                          Dana & Josh

24 October 07

Dear Guy & Denise,

    We just wanted to write you a quick note and let you know that everything is wonderful with the pups. Our house is like a three ring circus and I am the ring leader. Rev and Deacon are the best of friends, they do everything together. They are so hilarious. Rev went to the vet yesterday for more shots and everyone was thrilled to see him. Dr. Vesper said he looks fantastic. He now weighs 14 pounds. He only weighed 9 when we picked him up after his illness. He eats like he will never see food again. Deacon goes back to the doctor on the 2nd of November. They start puppy preschool on that day as well. Rev is having some obedience issues. The vet said that is very normal after everything he has been through. I am the disciplinary in our household. Josh is more of a softie. They know when mommy is around to be on their best behavior. They are wonderful dogs and thay bring so much needed joy into our lives. We will keep you posted on their progress and hopefully we will have pictures for you soon. Lots of love!

                                                  Dana & Josh

14 November 07

Dear Guy & Denise,

   We just wanted to let you know that the boys are doing great! We are in our third week of puppy class and they love it. It's funny because they split the puppies up into groups according to temperment and attitude. Rev always gets in with the big dogs and he really gives them a run for their money. Deacon,on the other hand gets put with the small dogs and he is terrified! He will hide under tables and try to run away from the other puppies. It is so funny because he is so much larger than the ones in his group. He wants no part of them. At home, it is like a war zone with all three dogs. Deacon now weighs 22 pounds and little Rev weighs about 18 pounds. Rev is getting taller and Deacon is getting wider. They are so precious and they are doing great. We just wanted to drop you a quick note and give you an update. Winnie is supposed to come and play this weekend. She goes on quite a few road trips with Craig. He worships her, as he should. We hope all is well with you and the gang. We will email you soon with pictures. Lots of Love!

                                                             Dana & Josh


4 December 07

Dear Guy & Denise,

   Here are some updated pictures of the boys. I will give you a quick update on both.

REVEREND: AKA: Rev, AKA: Reveroni

   Reverend now weighs 27lbs. He is extremely energetic and loves to terrorize his brothers. Even though he is the smallest, he is definitely the most dominate. He loves to stick his tongue out (as you can see in one of the pictures) and he also has quite a singing voice.

DEACON: AKA: Big Boy, AKA: Hoss

   Deacon now weighs 33lbs. He thinks that he weighs 5. He is extremely loving and gentle. He loves to give kisses and he loves to kidney bean. He also has a tendency to head butt things. If you are eating or drinking something, he will run and butt it with his head.


They are both extremely loving, tail wagging, happy go lucky boxers. They are finishing puppy classes this week and will then start obedience class. They love to eat their Nu-Vet. They consider them to be treats. They also love liver snaps. Their favorite toy is their lobster (they are passed out beside lobster in one of the pictures). Their favorite passtime is playing with each other. They love to play hide and seek, chase each other up and down the stairs, and terrorize Clyde. They are wonderful dogs and we get compliments everywhere we go. They went to KY for Thanksgiving and will be going back for Christmas. They also enjoy visiting the funeral home. They put a smile on everyone's face. We are blessed to have them in our lives. Thank you so much for all you have done for us and the boys. Anyone who gets a puppy from Laymani Boxers is truly blessed. You are the best!

We will be in touch soon.

                                               Lots of Love,

                                            Dana & Josh Tidd

27 January 08

Hello Denise & Guy,

   We are glad you had a safe trip and congratulations to all the new Laymani families. The medication was actually propofal. Does that ring a bell with you? Have you experienced any bad reactions with this med or the ACE you mentioned before? I am just curious. Thanks!



17 February 08

Dear Denise & Guy,

    We are so excited about your new litters! We know you are going to have your hands full. Those precious little babies have no idea how lucky they are to be born in your household. Deacon had his procedure and it went well until about 1 week later. He was jumping around with Rev (they say restricted activity, they have obviously never lived with 2 boxer pups) and he ripped his stitches open. That was a huge surprise because I checked his incision earlier in the day. I guess he got too "active"! He had to go to the vet the next day and have his incision repaired. His was considerably larger than Reverend's, which is no surprise considering how large he is. He is now doing great, but he has to wear the lampshade while we are not watching him. He hates it! They had to miss two obedience classes because of Deacon's dilemmas. They are both doing great and are growing like weeds. We are wondering if Deacon might become the next Clifford, because he will not stop growing. Rev just keeps getting taller. We think it might take a little longer for him to fill out. They definitely keep us on our toes. I plan on taking Deacon to KY this weekend. He is terrified of car rides and we don't know why. We take them to lots of different places, not just the vet. I hope by taking him a few places by himself he will become more used to the rides and learn how fun they can be. I promise I will send pictures next time. Every time I get out the camera to snap a shot, they are completely consumed with the camera. I can never sneak up on them. I am going to try and pull some paparazzi moves to get you some good pictures. Well, I'll let you go, I'm sure you are very busy. We hope all is well with you and ALL the boxers. We will be in touch soon. 

                                                            Lots of Love & Boxer Kisses,

                                                                   Dana & Josh                 

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