A Flashy Reverse Brindle Male with Full Collar.  He weighed 7 pounds on 20 September.

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One of the largest puppies in his litter, he is big-boned and has striking white markings.


Above Photos by Kristie Detlor, No Limits Images

On September 6, Ramsey weighed 4.25 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.



Ramsey weighed 2 pounds on August 21. 

27 October 07

Hi Denise and Guy,

I haven't been in touch because I had no computer for about two weeks- it crashed.  I just got our new one and figured I would give you the latest update on Ramsey.  He had his second checkup on Thursday.  He weighs 15 lbs. and is doing great.  He is very vocal and into everything.   You can't take your eyes off of him for a second.  He loves to chew, of course, so he has hundreds of  toys.  He always has to be curled up in your lap even though he's getting so big.  When it is time for his nap, he has to curl up in your lap to fall asleep,and then we put him in his crate.  He sleeps all night and usually wakes around 6am.  He can climb the stairs but can't go down yet.  When we walk him (only in the front of the house), he loves to just sit and watch the birds, the squirrels, the leaves blowing around and anything else that catches his attention.  He is very inquisitive.  And the funniest thing is that he watches t.v.  He curls up with Al, or my son on the couch, and moves his head back and forth.  Tell me he's not spoiled!  Another funny thing is to watch him try to fit into places that he could when he first came home, but can't now because he's gotten bigger.  The only thing we still have to work on is figuring out when he needs to go out.  He doesn't give us a sure sign yet, and it is hard because he can't get down the stairs to the front door.  So we just time it, and take him out when we think its been a while.  So, as soon as I find my digital camera, i will take some pictures and send them to you.  I checked you site to see the other puppies.  They are also getting so big, and of course they are beautiful.  Well, I hope all is well with you both, and I will talk to you soon.

Allison and Al


4 December 07

Hi Denise and Guy,

Sorry I have not been in touch, but I've been so busy. Ramsey is going great.  On his last visit, he was 26 pounds--that was the day before Thanksgiving.  The vet loves him.  He said he's growing like a weed and that he was all legs.  He doesn't mind going to the vet, but does not like having his nails cut.  He is doing okay with training-still having occasional accidents in the house.  His only signal is sitting at the front door and looking out.  That is okay with me, usually his accidents happen with the kids or Al, when they re not paying attention to what he is doing.  He is very loving and playful.  He stands on his hind legs with his paws on your shoulders and will nibble my ears or start licking my neck.  He loves to play ball.  You roll it across the room and he will run and get it and then bring it back to you--he'll do it until he tires and then will curl up in your lap and go to sleep, even though he hardly fits in my lap anymore.  At night , he lays on the couch with Al or myself (usually me), and goes to sleep.  So, when we are ready to go to bed, I usually end up carrying him to his cage.  He likes it in there also.  He has my old comforter as his blanket.  He is pretty tall. He reaches the countertops and is usually jumping up to them to see what I'm doing.  When I tell him "down", he will bark at
me.  He definitely knows right from wrong.  When my daughter will scold him, he will yell back at her and then run.  He loves visitors.  Sometimes he is so excited when certain people come, that he will pee on the floor.  He is hesitant with the mailman though.  When he sees him, his hair stands up, he runs to the top of the stairs and will give a little bark or sometimes growl.  He is already becoming a good guard dog even though we know he is a mush. I have no embarrassing moments or anything negative to tell of.  He is an absolute joy to have and we all love him so much.  Everyone who sees him comments on how beautiful he is.  I 
don't have digital pictures, but I will mail you some tomorrow.  I do think he will pretty big because his paws are huge!  That's always one of the first things people say when they see him.  Well, I must go now, I have so many errands to do today.  Have a wonderful holiday!  And I will talk to you soon.
Allison and Al


Ramsey photos between 8.5 and 11.5 weeks old

24 December 07

Hi Denise and Guy,

I'm just sending a few more pictures of Ramsey.  They're pretty recent (early December) and I thought they were really cute.  Congratulations on your new puppies and have a wonderful holiday!


Allison and Al

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