Her new owner has begun calling her "Priscilla" and is very taken with her brindle striping.  She likes to cuddle, but she's also a bit of a terror, so we wonder if "Priscilla" is a Hopeful name.  Priscilla's new Mom and Dad are parents to Pockets' new family, so these two will still have joint play time! 


#3 - Laymani Chiassosa Tre (Noisy #3)
9.5 pounds at 6 weeks
Female Brindle with Black Mask and White Markings


4 April 07

Just a very QUICK hello.  Priscilla is great; about 20 lbs.; played with Kapone yesterday; Kapone is almost as tall as Priscilla ( about 15 inches).  Both are healthy and robust...

Congratulations on your growing Boxer family! 


3 December 07

Hi Denise and Guy,
Just a note to let you know I read your message and will be sending stuff about Priscilla.  She is a beautiful, wonderful puppy.  We love our puppy family.  She and puggle sister, Gigi, are enjoying a great life and it becomes even better when visited by Kapone.

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