Nika is a dark Brindle Female with White Markings.  She has a White Stripe on her face that extends to her forehead.  The thin White Stripe between her shoulders that she had at birth has diminished to a few white hairs.

"I'm gonna tackle something..."

"That feels better!"

Nika weighed 8.25 pounds on 24 January 08

18 February 08

Denise and Guy,

Nika is truly a real sweetheart.  She is still sniffling and is going to our vet tomorrow.  I will be taking her at 3:00 so I can let you know how she is doing. She slept with Kado last night.  She is eating good, and she sits, and comes when you call her.  My husband bought her a pink quilted coat with a boa feather fur collar to wear outside because its cold.  Its so cute. I will sent you pictures when we get the film developed. The kids love her. She is a really good puppy and we are so glad she is here.

19 February 08

Denise and Guy,

Sorry to hear about Jazzy. Hope she is doing well.  Nika had her second shot today and will go back in 3 weeks. She has a bad upper respiratory infection and is going to be on 2 strong antibiotics. The vet said puppies that young rarely have allergies. He said she should be feeling better in 2-3 days if not we have to call him.  We were lucky he said that it didn't reach her lungs.  So happy about that.  We are hoping everything will be fine. Talk to you soon.


20 February 08


I know how hard it is to give up a puppy, but you don't have to worry about Nika, she is loved and we cannot get enough of her.  I will let you know how the meds work for her. Have a roll of film I am using, as soon as I get the pictures developed I will mail you some pictures of her.  She also has a purple and grey striped hoodie with pockets. So cute.  Talk with you soon.



11 March 08

Denise and Guy,  

Just to let you know, Nika is doing great.  She still hates the crate, however she sleeps with the kids now and is sooooo spoiled.  She only has to be crated a few days a week when we are gone.

She can sit, lay down, speak, and give her paw is the next thing we are working on.  Her appetite is growing, she eats as much as kado now.  But she is a growing puppy.  She is so loving. She is trained to go outside, and she has her own area of the yard she likes, and comes in the garage and sits by herself to have her paws wiped. 

She is on her third round of antibotics, she is still breathing a little funny, but the vet said we will try this last round of anitiiotics, and hopefully that will do it, if not we go to plan B.  She is due for her next vaccination on Monday the 17th. 

Will be sending pictures soon as I get them developed.

Hope all is well with you. 



25 March 08


I am so glad you liked the pictures. Nika is amost completely housetrained. She is so adorable, yet so sassy. You cannot point at her and say no because she talks back.

So funny. My husband has really connected with this one. Can't wait to see the pictures on the web, how cool is that. Nika still sniffles, however only when she goes out in the cold, otherwise alright. 

Yes I saw your puppies on the website, always checking puppies because I love to look at them, their so cute.  You both do a great job.  Hey, at work, gotta go, talk to you soon.






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