Puppies born 22 May 2012




Laymani Daisy is a Daisy/Duke daughter.
Rumor is a Thurman/Amelia son.

Male Brindle, White Stripe, "White-Dark-White" on Chest
16Aug - 16.2 lb   20Jul - 9.5 lb   13Jul - 8.25 lb   29Jun - 5 lb   13Jun - 1 lb 15.25 oz   BW 12.4 oz

Daisy Pepper 02.jpg

Daisy Pepper 03.jpg

Daisy Pepper 05.jpg

Daisy Pepper 06.jpg

Daisy Pepper 09.jpg

Daisy Pepper 10.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 05.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 06.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 07.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 08.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 09.jpg

Daisy Pepper 20Jul12 10.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Pepper 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Pepper 13Jun12 004.jpg







The rest of Daisy's puppies have already been placed.


Male Brindle, White Stripe, Mark on Neck

Daisy Nutmeg 01.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 02.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 03.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 04.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 05.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 06.jpg

Male Brindle, White Stripe
16Aug - 16.2 lb   20Jul - 9.5 lb   BW 12.4 oz
Male Brindle, White Stripe, Mark on Neck
16Aug - 19.4 lb   20Jul - 10.5 lb   BW 13.25 oz
Male Dark Brindle, White Chest
16Aug - 21.0 lb   20Jul - 11.5 lb   BW 14.25 oz

Daisy Pepper 20Aug12 21.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Aug12 01.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Aug12 08.jpg

Rumor looking at his boys

Nutmeg, Salty, Pepper

L-R Nutmeg, Pepper, Salty

Rumor 20Aug12 03.jpg

Daisy Puppies 20Aug12 02.jpg

Daisy Puppies 20Aug12 01.jpg

Daisy Puppies 20Aug12 03.jpg

Daisy Puppies 20Aug12 04.jpg

Above photos taken 20Aug

L-R Nutmeg, Pepper, Salty

From Top - Salty, Nutmeg, Pepper

The video session on 13Aug was tons of fun!  Here are 7 short videos, highlighting Daisy's boys.

Daisy Puppies 13Aug12 07.MP4

Daisy Puppies 13Aug12 06.MP4

Daisy Puppies 13Aug12 05.MP4

Daisy Pepper 13Aug12 02.MP4

Daisy Nutmeg 13Aug12 03.MP4

Daisy Salty 13Aug12 04.MP4


Daisy Clove 13Aug12 01.MP4


These were Daisy's first puppies, a very large bundle of Brindles and Fawns!
Our photographer calls this session "Laundry Day Blues"

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 14.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 01.jpg

L-R Clove, Nutmeg, Pepper under Salty.
Basil on the end!
L-R Salty, Pepper under Clove, Nutmeg.
Basil to the right.
Laundry Day Blues!

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 05.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 24.jpg

Our Puppy Wrangler gathers her brood!
L-R Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg, Salty in back.
Basil to the right.
A Basket of Laymanis!

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 07.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 08.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 11.jpg

Nutmeg feeling lonely!
Janessa with Basil and Nutmeg
L-R Basket - Nutmeg, Basil, Clove.
Lawn - Salty, Pepper

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 09.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 12.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 10.jpg

Pepper, you sly dog.
What are you up to?
L-R Nutmeg, Clove, and Salty above
Puppy Pile!

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 22.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 20.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 21.jpg

Here's a Pepper!
L-R Salty, Pepper, Clove on top,
Nutmeg, Basil
Happy Boxer Puppies!

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 15.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 23.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 13.jpg

L-R Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg with paw,
Salty, and Basil
There goes Clove!
Nutmeg waiting for his brothers

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 16.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 25.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 17.jpg

Tongues a-waggin'

L-R Clove, Nutmeg, Basil

Salty Dawg breaking for the front!

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 19.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 06.jpg

Daisy Puppies 27Jul12 18.jpg

L-R Pepper, Clove on top, Basil behind,
Nutmeg, Salty
Pepper going for the ear!
Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg, Salty

At 12 weeks, Salty was 21 lb, Nutmeg was 19.4 lb, Clove was 18.4 lb, and Pepper was 16.2 lb.  Even Pepper, the smallest of these puppies, will be a large Boxer when he grows up!

These were Daisy's first puppies, a very large bundle of Brindles and Fawns!
Click below for video...
 Daisy Puppies 13Jul12 01.MP4     Daisy Puppies 13Jul12 02.MP4
Male Brindle, White Stripe, Mark on neck
16Aug - 19.4 lb   20Jul - 10.5 lb   13Jul - 9.0 lb   29Jun - 5.25 lb   13Jun - 2 lb 3.75 oz   BW 13.25 oz

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 05.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 06.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 07.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 08.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 09.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 20Jul12 10.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Nutmeg 13Jun12 004.jpg







Male Dark Brindle, White Chest, White "sitting dog" below
16Aug - 21.0 lb   20Jul - 11.5 lb   13Jul - 9.5 lb   29Jun - 5.5 lb   13Jun - 2 lb 4.5 oz   BW 14.25 oz

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 05.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 06.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 07.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 08.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 09.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 10.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 11.jpg

Daisy Salty 20Jul12 12.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jul12 05.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Salty 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Salty 13Jun12 005.jpg







Male Brindle, Thin White stripe, 2 Dark marks on chest
20Jul - 11.0 lb   13Jul - 9.0 lb   29Jun - 5.25 lb   13Jun - 2 lb 3.75 oz   BW 15.25 oz

Daisy Clove 20Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Clove 20Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Clove 20Jul12 05.jpg

Daisy Clove 20Jul12 06.jpg

Daisy Clove 20Jul12 07.jpg

Daisy Clove 20Jul12 08.jpg

Daisy clove 20Jul12 09.jpg

Daisy Clove 20Jul12 10.jpg

Daisy Clove 20Jul12 11.jpg

Daisy Clove 20Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Clove 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Clove 13Jun12 004.jpg




Jasper "Basil"
Male Dark Brindle with White chin, Lightning bolt on chest
20Jul - 11.25 lb   13Jul - 9.25 lb   29Jun - 5.25 lb   13Jun - 2 lb 3 oz   BW - 15.75 oz

Daisy Basil 20Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Basil 20Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Basil 20Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Basil 20Jul12 07.jpg

Daisy Basil 20Jul12 05.jpg

Daisy Basil 20Jul12 06.jpg

Daisy Basil 20Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Basil 20Jul12 08.jpg

Daisy Basil 20Jul12 09.jpg

Daisy Basil 13Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Basil 13Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Basil 13Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Basil 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Basil 13Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Basil 13Jun12 004.jpg

 Daisy Basil 13Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Basil 13Jun12 006.jpg 

Daisy Basil 13Jun12 007.jpg 

Daisy Basil 13Jun12 005.jpg 






Bigwig "Sage"
Male Brindle, Thin white stripe, Large dark mark on white chest
13Jul - 8.0 lb   29Jun - 4.25 lb   13Jun - 2 lb 2.2 oz   BW 14.4 oz

Daisy Bigwig 20Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Bigwig 20Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Bigwig 20Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Bigwig 20Jul12 04.jpg

Daisy Bigwig 20Jul12 05.jpg

Daisy Sage 13Jul12 01.jpg

Daisy Sage 13Jul12 02.jpg

Daisy Sage 13Jul12 03.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Sage 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Sage 13Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Sage 13Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Sage 13Jun12 002.jpg

 Daisy Sage 13Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Sage 13Jun12 006.jpg 

Daisy Sage 13Jun12 007.jpg 






Male Fawn, Big White chest to belly button
29Jun - 3.25 lb   13Jun - 1 lb 7.75 oz   BW 15.4 oz

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Billy 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Billy 13Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Billy 13Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Billy 13Jun12 007.jpg 

Daisy Billy 13Jun12 002.jpg 

Daisy Billy 13Jun12 004.jpg 

 Daisy Billy 13Jun12 006.jpg






Female Dark Brindle, White spot at shoulders, "J" on chest
29Jun - 3.5 lb   13Jun - 1 lb 7.5 oz   BW 10.8 oz

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Chloe 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Chloe 13Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Chloe 13Jun12 004.jpg

 Daisy Chloe 13Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Chloe 13Jun12 005.jpg 

Daisy Chloe 13Jun12 003.jpg 

 Daisy Chloe 13Jun12 002.jpg




Female Reverse Brindle, White chin, Big "V" on chest
29Jun - 4.5 lb   13Jun - 2 lb 1.25 oz   BW 12.5 oz

Daisy Cilantro 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 13Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 13Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 13Jun12 006.jpg 

 Daisy Cilantro 13Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Cilantro 13Jun12 004.jpg 

 Daisy Cilantro 13Jun12 005.jpg






Female Fawn, Thin White stripe, Fawn Mark on White Chest
29Jun - 4.5 lb   13Jun - 1 lb 15.75 oz   BW - 14 oz

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Elsa 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Elsa 13Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Elsa 13Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Elsa 13Jun12 005.jpg 

Daisy Elsa 13Jun12 003.jpg 

Daisy Elsa 13Jun12 007.jpg 

 Daisy Elsa 13Jun12 006.jpg






Female Fawn, Big white chest
29Jun - 3 lb   13Jun - 1 lb 6.75 oz   BW 14.8 oz

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 001.jpg

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 003.jpg

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 004.jpg

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 005.jpg

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 007.jpg

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 008.jpg

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 009.jpg

Daisy Georgi 29Jun12 010.jpg

Daisy Georgi 13Jun12 002.jpg

Daisy Georgi 13Jun12 006.jpg

Daisy Georgi 13Jun12 005.jpg 

Daisy Georgi 13Jun12 003.jpg 

Daisy Georgi 13Jun12 004.jpg 

 Daisy Georgi 13Jun12 007.jpg





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