Maxine is a Female Reverse Brindle with a thin White Stripe on her Face.  She weighed 6 pounds on 20 September 07 and 32 pounds on 1 January 08.

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Above Photos by Kristie Detlor, No Limits Images

On September 6, Midnight weighed 4 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.


Midnight weighed 2 pounds on August 21.

23 October 07

Dear Guy and Denise, we were surfing the Internet and found your web site.  We recently had to put down our boxer Mel due to cancer, she was eight years old.   We saw that you were breeding Duke and Zena and Duke and Diana and,Thurman and Dutchess in the Fall, and Duke and Sophie in the Spring and   We know there is no guarantee against cancer or heart disease and that these are number one and two killers of boxers.  One of our questions is regard the health history and whether there is a history of cancer or heart disease with them or with their blood lines. Thank you for your time. 


Kevin and Amy


25 October 07

Dear Guy and Denise, 

Amy and I wanted to thank you so much for your thoughts at the loss of Mel (we'll tell you more about her later).  Amy and I also want to thank you for all of the information that you provided. We were impressed with your e-mail, and would like to make an appointment for possibly Sat. to meet you and you could meet us.?   We are not sure what we are going to do at this time, but would like to have a good starting point in this process and it sounds like this is the best place to start. 

Thank you for you time 


Kevin & Amy


27 October 07

We arrived home.  All is going well, the windows need cleaned Maxine slept most of the way, snoring and everything.  No whining to speak of.  Will keep you posted as to how well she trains us. 

Thank you so much for your your time today we really appreciate your patience and time you gave us. 

Thanks again 

Kevin & Amy and Maxine


29 October 07

Dear Guy and Denise, called to make an appointment with Dr. Heather Baily, unable to get in today, Wed. is the earliest, will that void the contract stipulations?  Also Heather wanted to know when (exact date) of the 6 week shots?  Please call to let us know,  if I need to take care of this today and I will make an appointment elsewhere. 

Maxine DOES NOT like the kennel for sleep time (night).  In the movie lady and the tramp, the scene where Lady was put in the kitchen to sleep and all she did was howl till she got what she wanted was acted out in our house last night.  She is playing boxer games now and exploring the whole house.  Seems like she is fascinated with Mumfords tail. 

Told my sister about your passion for your children.  I don't know if she is interested or not but she sure checked out your web site. 



Kevin and Amy


29 October 07

Forgot to ask, what brand of treats are you giving the puppies?  Trying to remain consistent, also where did you get the play toys from - not all toys created equal, and any suggestions would be appreciated.


Kevin and Amy


31 October 07

Hi Guy and Denise, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  We just got back from Dr. Heather Baily for 9 week shots and we also took a fecal sample.  Everything went well and she was the hit of the clinic.  The only bad thing was Maxine was positive for round worm.  Dr. Baily gave  us a sample of Heartguard Plus and gave it to her today.  Maxine goes back in three weeks for last of puppy trips and she will look at another fecal sample.  We will let you know how that trip goes and keep you posted how Lamani Mezzonotte (Midnight) Maxine is doing.
Take care,

Kevin and Amy


11 November 07

Good morning Denise and Guy, the house breaking is progressing 3-4 accidents per day.  I think it is more our fault than hers.  We're just not picking up on her subtle hints and she definitely has a problem with pottying in the rain.  However the funny thing is the foot wipe/burn-out after going potty.  She is bringing a lot of laughs to the house.  Amy thought she needed something flashy so she got Maxine a Light pink jacket with fluff around the collar.


21 November 07

Hi Guy and Denise,

Maxine send kisses out to ya.  Just got back from the vet for check-up, 23 lbs, the hit of the office everyone has to check out the Laymani Princess.  Whatever you guys are doing with your breeding program keep doing it.  The personality and everything is just right.  Thanks again for making our house whole again.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Kevin & Amy

14 December 07

Hi Guy and Denise, how are things going?  We see on the web the day is approaching fast for the next delivery.  We just wanted to wish you well and hope all goes great with the mother and new arrivals.  Looking forward to seeing the pics on the internet.  When we get some pics of Maxine we'll pass on.  Her expressions are just like her father's and she is a jumper just like mom, she's getting bigger but all legs.  Maxine sends out hugs and kisses to you guys.  Take care, and all things are back to normal in our house since she became a family member.  Thanks, 

Kevin & Amy


15 December 07

Have told numerous people to check out your web site and Funan and even told others to come over and see and play with Maxine if they wanted to sample the personality.  Take care and will be in touch.  Good luck with Zena and can't wait to hear how everything goes. 

Kevin and Amy


18 December 07

Congratulations!!!  Sorry to hear of Funans hardships (left out of Zena's whelping).  Maxine has a 250 lb squeaker toy and playmate that's me, Mumford is at the age where he tolerates but has no interest in playing so we all take our turns to keep the heat off of him.  Our days are filled with naps, play, eat, and outside the stars are truly aligned over our home.  From the time we get up till crate time it's all about her the way it should be.  She finds my/her recliner pretty comfortable.  Won't keep any longer you've got your hands full, again congratulations. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

Kevin & Amy


31 December 07

Hi Guy and Denise, Wanted to wish everyone including the Laymani family of boxers a Happy New Year.  Also ordered a 6 month supply of NuVet's.  Gotta run will holla later maybe with some pictures. 

Kevin & Amy


31 December 07

Hi Guy and Denise, enjoy the following pictures.  I will work at getting some outdoor action shots. 

Kevin and Amy


1 January 08

Happy New Year Guy and Denise.  I think Duke was cloned, Maxine is the spitting image of him down to facial expressions.  Maxine's measurements are 30" nose to tail, 20" top of back, 24" top of head, and 32 lbs. Jan 1, 08. 

Kevin & Amy
7 February 08

Good morning Guy and Denise, just wanted to pass on that we had Maxine Spayed by

Dr. Heather Bailey on Wed.  We picked her up at 5:00 p.m. Wed. evening, she ate from my hand and drank small amount of water.  Thursday morning up at 6:00 a.m. ready to eat, drink and out.  She is rebounding very quickly.  We are holding her back for the next two weeks to keep her from tearing stitches and irritating the incisions. All is well here. 

How are things at your place?  You should be having a house full of puppies soon.  Looking forward to seeing the updates.  I love the picture of Bling and Maxine it's awesome. 

Gotta run, Max needs tucked back in.

Kevin Amy and Maxine 

14 February 08

Guy and Denise how are things going?  Arrivals should be soon and often over the next couple weeks?  Hope all goes well andcan't wait to see the updates. 

Maxine was spayed last Wed..  She has been recovering pretty good but she was draining clear blood.  Don't go into panic mode, I took her to the vet and she was licking at night the last couple nights and the doc put her on antibiotic (Imoxicillin), no vomiting or diareha, no redness or swelling, I smelled the drainage and did not stink, activity level off the charts, eating not a problem (just not enough). The doc was not alarmed (precautionary measure to keep from getting infected) will take her in Monday to remove stitches. 

All good here and we are all living the dream..... 

Take care & Max  sends love and kisses.

19 February 08

Good afternoon Guy and Denise, hope you got some rest!!  The pups look beautiful!  Looks like you should not have a  Funnan from any on the last two litters. 

Max goes back to Dr. Heather on Friday a.m. to remose stitches removal.  She is hard to keep still.  Small infection at stitch but getting better. 

Progress, two weeks ago 40 lbs. all legs!  Sleeping in an open crate all night, (definitely not and early or quick riser).  House training no accidents.  No behavior problems other than mischievousness.   She is as sweet as she can be.  I can only hope everyone's experiences are as good.  We never intended to replace Mell (thought it was too much to ask for) but the personality traits, behaviors are soooo close. 

Must run, take care and again congrats to everyone.  One more litter in next couple weeks and good luck. 

Kevin Amy and Max

22 February 08

Guy and Denise, Sam captured this look.  We get this look often but like Bigfoot it has be rarely been capture on digital form till now.  Max sure must be happy because she smiles like this everyday.  Many thoughts come to mind when we get this look, but mostly Hillbilly or I've been up to something!!!!!....  Enjoy and take care. 

Kevin, Amy, Sam, Max, and Mumford

27 February 08

     Good  evening Guy and Denise, how are things in the "Land of Laymani"?  How is the nursery and puppy training going?  Looks like most of the puppies are spoken for.  Took some pictures of Max over the weekend old school way black and white film, and several came out great.  The weather was too damn cold and trying to get shots took a great deal of time but got several and will pass on to you some way, sounds like a good excuse to head down that way for a weekend trip.  I've been promising Amy some time away soon, we'll call before we head that way.  Just wanted to pass on I got some pictures of Max for you and your web site.

Take care, 

Kevin, Amy and Max 

p.s. The Mad River has looked awesome the last couple weeks with all the snow!!!


27 March 08

Hi Guy and Denise, how are things at your place?  Are you ready for your new delivery?  Things are pretty good here I have been teaching Kevin and Amy many new things.  Kevin has become quite a Frisbee thrower, he throws I catch and bring and he throws again till I get tired it is all up to me...  I had Kevin take down two wood piles because I started to climb them and as fun as it was it was not safe.  I have them staying up later so I sleep through the night and not get up too early to play 4 a.m..  They now trust me to sleep out of my kennel all night.  They have learned to share, the recliner and occasionally the bed but for short periods of time.  They have started to feed me Nutro Max Large breed adult food, Dr. Baily said it was time to start adult food, just started but pretty good.  Kevin cleaned up the yard the other day and did a good job.  Amy lets me sleep in as late as I want.  They even took me on a road trip to PA and the ride was awesome the whole back seat to myself.  The next trip I get to go on is to the Hocking hills.  Some say I'm spoiled, no I RULE.  Kevin took some pictures of me and told him to show you guys when they go to Stockport.  All is well here just want to pas on the training is going great and I think I made a good choice.  Can't wait to see the new puppies...

Take care 



30 March 08

 Hi Guy and Denise, Max just got off the computer ( my space) so I could use it..  Amy and I are getting away next weekend and going to Stockport.  We have many stops along the way.  We will contact later in the week.  This may not be the best time for you guys with puppies on the way and we understand if that is the case, want you to see the pictures any how.  We will talk later, thanks. 

Kevin & Amy


6 April 08

Hi Guy and Denise, just wanted to say thanks and enjoyed our visit.  We arrived home to hugs and kisses.  Also the down spouting from the corner of the house and garage were torn down and drug out into the yard, all reattached and working properly.  Puppy proofing has gone to a new level!!!! 

Thanks and take care

Kevin and Amy




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