Kiwi is a big, beautiful female Fawn with a White Spot between her shoulders.  She weighed 1.5 pounds on August 21.

10 July 07

Hello, my name is Amy and my husband and I are looking to purchase a loving, sweet, family friendly boxer puppy. I saw on your website that you have a couple litters due in August. We do not have any pets currently so this is obviosly our first time and we have some questions. We would like a fawn female or a flashy fawn female. When do you typically start taking reservations or should we wait until the puppies are born. Will we be able to come and pick out our puppy after they are born or would we have to pick from the pictures? Any information you could provide would be helpful. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Amy & Bill

11 July 07

Thank you so much for the info. I will share this and discuss with my husband tonight. I do have a couple additional questions. I want to make sure you do not sell your puppies to petstores/retail stores. Also, I wanted to verify that you do not ship your puppies. I believe I read on your website that you do not. Is it to late to get a guarantee reservation for one of your august litters? Like I said I am going to share all of this info with my husband and we might want to set up a time to come visit. We live in central Ohio (Westerville) which I think is about 2 hrs from you guys.

Thanks for your time!!


11 July 07

Hello, I appreciate your quick response. It breaks my heart to see those puppies for sale in a pet store. Now for a little more about our family, like I said previously my husband and I are looking for our first "addition" to the family. We have been married for three years and have no children. Last June we purchased a house and now we are ready to add a member to our family. We have a large back yard although it is not fenced in. The leisure path that goes throughout Westerville runs right behind our house. My husband and I like to go jogging and take walks and we would love to have dog to take with us. We have decided on a boxer because I think they are ADORABLE as well as great family pets. I have done some research on the breed and have learned that they are energetic, loving, smart, playful dogs. We are looking for a lifetime additional to our family that will be great as we have kids. Do you have any pros and cons of boxers? Have you ever had any returned to you because the family didn't want it? If so, why? My husband and I would love to come visit but I don't think we would be able to make it until the weekend of July 28th and that might be too close to when the litters are due. We really just want to make sure that your dogs are in a healthy environment and not a "puppy mill", but from your emails, pictures and information I am sure that is not the case.

We have decided that we would like to make a reservation for a fawn or flashy fawn female from Sissy's August litter. What do we need to do to get approved? My phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX if you need to contact us. Thank you so much and we really appreciate all the information you have provided us.


16 July 07


After I got off the phone with you on Sunday I realized that I have Monday 7/23 off work. Bill could get off early and we could come down that day. I'm not sure what your schedule is like during the week but this might be a possibility. Let us know!!

One again thanks for all the info you gave us over the phone. There are several breeders here locally that have puppies but none of them seem to be very forthcoming with info. It seems as if all they care about is selling their puppies. Bill and I have been very impressed with Laymani Boxers as it is evident that the best interest for the puppies is top priority.
Thanks a ton!!


20 August 07

She is perfect!!! I want to kiss her and hug her RIGHT NOW!!! Oh we are SOO excited to see our beautiful little girl. Well we have decided on the name KIWI. Thanks for the update and the pics. Can you tell if her face is more American like Jazzy's or more German? Either way...we LOVE her and want her. Thanks again!!
Amy and Bill


On September 6, this puppy weighed 3 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.

10 September 07

I was just going to email you today. Thanks for the update. I am so glad she likes to be snuggled. I can not wait to come get her and take her home. Bill thinks I have gone off the deep end. We have bought a crate and bowls. Leashes and collars and all sorts of fun stuff.  I was soo excited to see the updated pictures she has grown so much. Well I had better get back to work...thanks for the update!!!!

13 September 07

So Graceful Kiwi Laymani can come home anytime after the 21st. We had originally thought we would come get her on the evening of the 27th but I'm not sure we can wait. We would LOVE to come get her on the 22nd. What do you think would be best for her? Should we wait?? Oh we are soo excited and I can wait to kiss her cute little face!!! 
Thanks for the update.
Amy & Bill
12 October 07

I have been meaning to write but for some reason all of my time has been consumed by an adorable, little, fuzzy kiwi. As expected she doesn't like to be alone....EVER!!!!! We have found that the key is routine. She is now quietly sleeping in the crate at night. The first several nights we VERY long. She also knows how to sit, of course she expects a treat for doing it. She is going to the door to go out as well. She only occasionally has accidents in the house. She is going back to the vet next week, her first visit went well. Well I gotta run just wanted to let you know how things were going.

23 October 07

Oh yes, we have tripped over her MANY times. She certaintly likes to always be underfoot. She now weighs 10 lbs and is growing growing growing. She used to always fall asleep on bill's lap/chest but is getting to the point where she just doesn't fit anymore. She is now big enough that we can take her on SHORT walks on the bike path. She doesn't like the leash but we are working on that. She LOVES other dogs and people. She is so sweet and loving and brings so much joy to our lives. Well, I had better get going, I just wanted to send a quick update!! Should have some pics for you next time.
Amy and Bill

3 December 07

Our home computer died so I have no pics. We have ordered a laptop and it is on its way. I was trying to wait until we got it so I could send a pic with this email. Anyway, Kiwi weighs 21.5 pounds now and has just recently recovered from a broken "pinky" toe. Kiwi's favorite thing to do is run circles around the house; she probably does about 30 laps every night before she goes to sleep. Well, anyway, the only thing we can figure is that she knocked her little toe on the wall or an end table. She started limping around one day so we took her to the vet, he prescribed some anti-inflammatory and she is as good as new now. Her favorite toy, believe it or not, is a plastic coat hanger. The only problem is she thinks ALL the hangers should be hers to play with. She knows how to sit, lay down, and stay. She just recently discovered "the basement." At first she was scared of it and everytime we went down there she would sit at the top of the stairs and bark. Now she runs down there everytime we go and we have a hard time getting her to come back upstairs. Well, I had better get going. We should be getting our laptop later this week and I will send some pics then.


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