Our pocket puppy has new owners, who have decided on "Kapone" as his new name.  He continues to gain weight faster than the rest of the crew, tipping the scale at 7 pounds the day after his 6-week birthday.  Since opening his eyes, this puppy has been first in each new-puppy-thing.  He is active, agile, smart, and stands up to the bigger puppies.


#4 - Laymani Tasca Cucciolo
7 pounds at 6 weeks
Male Fawn with Black Mask and White Markings

6 April 07


Iím sooooooooo sorry.  We have been meaning to email you guys pictures.  Kapone is such a GREAT PUPPY!  He is pretty much house broken already, he goes to the bottom of our stairs when he has to go.  I have taught him sit, down, and stay (even when I put his treat on the carpet).  He is still very cute, cuddly, and calm, although he is growing.  He is about 22lbs. now! 

We will email you more details and pictures this weekend. 


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