Laymani Families - Dutchess and Thurman's July 2008 Puppies

Whelping photos are tinged with red because we use heat lamps for spot-heat on the puppies.

Gena, firstborn - 1.5 pounds

Layla, second - 1.25 pounds

Dutchess resting in the puppy room

...still two puppies!

The great adventure ended with an operation to bring us 9 beautiful puppies.  Here, Dutchess is resting after surgery and a puppy is draped over her nose.

Sadly, Dutchess suddenly passed about a week later from surgical complications.  She was very happy with her puppies and a great Momma.  We will all miss her.

The puppies needed help from Momma Laymani (Denise) for a couple weeks until they could transition to eating from a bowl.  It was a hectic time, but we were determined to bring these orphaned c-section babies through!  Although she couldn't feed them, Diana came to the rescue, stimulating, cleaning, caring for the whole crew, and teaching them how to be Boxers.

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