This puppy's new name is Jasmine and Abriella is already calling her "Jazzy-May".  Generally quiet and calm, she loves to sit in your lap and can make you laugh when she lapses into goofiness.  Grandson Jacob tells us that he's going to really miss Jasmine, and he has decided that he wants a puppy just like her to be born in the next litter.

Laymani Bionda Una
7.75 pounds at 6 weeks
(Blonde #1)
Abriella's new playmate!

6 April 07

Hello Guy and Denise, 

                   We hope all is well!  Things are finally calming down slightly.  Jazzy-May is doing well.  She was just at the vets yesterday.  She is 20 lbs now and very healthy.  She started losing her teeth last weekend and her adult teeth are already coming through.  She is still trickling urine alittle, but is much improved.  The vet said that she just needs to grow into her "parts"  She is such a lovable and friendly puppy.  She has calmed down alot with Abriella but she still loves to play.  She now sits, gives paw and lays down for treats.  She is basically house broken at this point.  She had one accident in the last 2 weeks.  She goes to our back patio doors and sits or occasionally rings a bell to go outside.  When the weather was warm she wanted to be outside all day!!  She finds any spot of sun in the house and sun bathes!!!  She is soo funny.   She loves to play ball and loves to chew on anything!  We walk her a couple of times a day and she is slowly getting the "no pull" concept.  But of course she is still a puppy and very flighty at times.  She is truly so much fun!

          I attached a few updated of pictures of Jazzy.  You can use these for the website...  We can't wait to see the updates on Jazzy's brothers and sisters.  I hope they are all well.  Well good luck with the next litter.  I'm sure you will be busy!!  Have a nice Easter and we'll keep you updated on Jazzy!!   Take care!  

Sonny and Coletta

9 July 07

Hello Guy and Denise,

     We hope all is well with the two of you.  Things are great here!  Jasmine (Jazzy-May)

is doing well, she now weighs 32 pounds.  She was spayed in the beginning of June and did well after the surgery.  She still loves to run around like a maniac and especially loves to play ball and go up and down Abriella's sliding board!!  She does really well with Abriella, but she still goes crazy whenever we have company at our house.  She is soo full of energy!!  She loves her walks/runs with me and Sonny, we try to tire her out as much as possible!  She is so much fun. 

    We hope all is well with your breeding.  We check the website often for updates and pictures of Jazzy's family.  We hope you are enjoying your summer and we hope to hear from you soon.  Take care. 

Here are a few recent pictures of Jazzy-May! 

Sonny, Coletta, Abriella and Jazzy Swick

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