Jack the Hammer is a Brindle Male.

He weighed 2.75 pounds on August 21.

On September 6, Jack weighed 5 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.

4 September 07

Hello Guy and Denise,

Well Jack has himself a stuffed animal pal! It’s a little Maltese looking stuffed animal with a squeaky noise maker inside. He will like it very much I am sure! Kelly thinks I may be going a little crazy with the toys. He of course has his squeaky hammer, the rope w/tennis ball option, a squeaky space invader looking thing and now his new stuffed puppy.

By weeks end I look to have ordered the supplements and contacted the local Jack’s Aquarium and make sure they can order the Evo food. Evo is still the food of choice right?

Anyway how is the boy doing? I wanted to call this evening and time has gotten away from me. Kelly and I watched Big Brother so I figured the safe thing to do was to just e-mail. Man we are getting fired up to bring Jack home! How are things going for you guys? I hope you aren’t going to mad with all the puppydom at your place!

Well I best get going for this evening!

Talk to you soon,

Barry and Kelly

29 September 07

Guy and Denise,

Jack is awesome! He has blown us a way with how full of love he is! We took him around town yesterday and he was just glued to us. Whenever someone wanted to hold him he would just go to them and snuggle right in. I made a slideshow and sent it to one of my brothers yesterday. I had never done it before and if it was going to bomb I wanted it to be with family.

Anyway here is the slideshow from Thursday. 

Hope it still works!!

Barry and Kelly

4 October 07

Guy and Denise,

Well Jack had his first vet appointment yesterday. I am glad you e-mailed and let me know about the nine week check up because I had set an appt. for twelve weeks. He did a very good job at the vet. He weighed 9.7 lbs, I think he may have lost a little weight when we brought him home because he didn’t eat real well for the first 24 hrs. I think this was probably the adjustment to the new home. He is eating fine now. He did not have any worms or anything to be concerned with. He got the heart worm medicine “interceptor” that Guy had mentioned and they recommended Frontline Plus for fleas. The vet said “well he is obviously a healthy puppy” after she examined him. I did give them the shot record so they were familiar with the fact that he has had veterinarian care before he came home. He won the “cutest dog of the day” recognition. The receptionist, assistant and the vet all honored Jack with that distinction. The receptionist even added that “I have been here for two weeks and he is the cutest dog I have seen”.

All is wonderful in Jack land.

Barry and Kelly

7 October 07

Here are some pics from the weekend. The kids absolutely love Jack. They wore him out…sometimes he got the better of them. I wanted to get you some pics as soon as possible because I know you are probably wondering how things went. We weighed Jack just about a half hour ago and although our scales only register whole pounds he weighed a whopping………………………….ELEVEN pounds!!!


Barry and Kelly

14 October 07

Hey there,

Things around here have been going pretty well. Jack is starting to do much better with the potty training. We will have an accident here or there if we don’t get him outside in time. Thursday was the first accident free day and one Friday and zero yesterday and today so far. What I started doing for his treats is that since he LOVES his supplements so much is I break them into little pieces and that is his treat for going potty outside. It works out real good because we were not sure what treat to give him so I decided this way he still gets his supplement just a little at a time through out the day.

Well things here are all well just wanted to give you a quick update! 



27 October 07

Hey Denise, it’s me Kelly.

Just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that we are making great progress with Jack’s potty training, knock on wood. I was sitting here on the computer when I heard the little cow bell by the back door ring. I knew Barry was at the back of the house watching football, so it couldn’t have been him helping Jack with the bell. So I went to see what was going on and low and behold the baby boy was waiting for me to open the door. He went out and took care of business, in a flash since it’s raining, came in and got his good boy treat. I was so proud of him. It was like having your kid bring home an A+ on their grade card. Hehe! It’s been a few days since any accidents and haven’t needed to use my Little Green machine.  

We are having such a good time with Jack and the kids really love him. When we talk to them on the phone, the youngest one, Emma, wants to say hi to Jack. We put the phone up to his ear and after she says “hi Jack, I love you”, he licks the phone. Pretty darn cute.  

I saw that you still had some puppies on your website. I hope you are able to find good homes for them. They will be such a blessing to whoever they go home with.  

Take Care, 


4 November 07

Hello Guy and Denise,

Well we had our Vet Appt. last week and little Jack weighed 16.8 lbs. That was last Thursday and Kel and I would swear he has added a couple of pounds since then.

This is one of the best pictures we have taken with the kids and Jack. We have some other photos of all the kids with him in the leaves we will try to get out soon!! Jack is doing phenomenal with the bell. He has only had one accident in the house in this week.

Anyway enjoy the photo and keep in touch. 

Barry and Kelly 

12 December 07

Guy and Denise, 

Here are some pictures of our wonderful baby Jack. He was at the vet Tuesday for his last round of shots and to get fixed. Kelly and I decided that if we were going to get him fixed we better do it soon. The vet recommended four months so we took her advice and had it done. She said that it will let him lead a happier life if we had it done sooner than later. He weighed in at 20.9 lbs but I like to say 21 lbs. He gained a pound a week between his last two appointments so we are happy about that. We are very happy with the way he is using the bell to go outside. He has maybe an accident a week on the carpet and there goes Kelly with her green machine. She is a wonderful Mommy. Jack wakes up every morning around 0230, and I mean between 0215 and 0245 and wants to go outside. When he comes back in and gets his treat he beats me back to the bedroom where Kelly has already wrapped him into the warm blankets and there he stays until I get up for work at 0530. I can remember how we were so adamant about not having him on the furniture; he has since blown by the furniture and into the bed!

I would say our proudest moment is the way he uses the bell. Everyone I talk to thinks that is wonderful he can do that. I can’t really think of an embarrassing moment. The funniest moment is the picture I sent you again with Jack and Emma with the telescope. It was so candid and so funny. She was telling Jack “sit still Jack I can’t see anything” and it looks as if Jack is looking at her. I have that picture as my desktop at work. His favorite toy is Fran. Fran is the little white stuffed dog we brought with us to pick him up. He loves chewing on her. He is also fond of his hammer. He will get to chewing on that thing and it will sound like a squeaky orchestra in here. He loves his nu-vet. We have since been giving him a cracker type treat. But when its nu-vet time he gobbles it up in two halves (I used to break it into five pieces).

Jack has been a wonderful addition to our home we all love him very much!!! I hope this will do for an update. If you need anything else please ask.

We hope all your holiday preparations are coming together. We are just getting started it seems and are a bit overwhelmed. It looks like the Laymani family is growing.      I can’t wait to see the new puppies!

Have a Wonderful Day! 

Barry and Kelly


Jack with his Hammer

27 pounds and growing by 14 December 08

27 December 07

We loved Jack’s page. You guys have done a wonderful job with all the puppy’s families. I sure appreciate all the extra time and effort you put into keeping the web site updated. I saw the picture of Luna and the story is hilarious! Luna does look like a female Jack doesn’t she?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year! I gotta go the bell rang…Good boy Jack!!


27 January 08

Hey Guy and Denise, 

I hope this e-mail finds you both doing well. Jack is doing great. I took him out this morning for a run. He gets pretty good exercise daily but today I decided we would get up and hit the road. We ran for a whole mile. We stopped at the half way point to turn around and I wanted to make sure he was doing ok, he looked up at me like “what you can’t keep up?” When we got home he ate and then brought me a toy that he could go fetch down the hallway! I said “show off”

All is well here and just wanted to stop by and share that with you!! 

TTYL, Barry and Kelly


22 February 08

They are all so precious. Brings back memories of when Jack was little. Now he’s a baby moose. He’s is doing well. Next weekend Barry and I are going away for our 5th wedding anniversary and taking good care to find someone to pet sit. That has not been an easy task. I found out that I am a protective mama. 

Thank you for your update. We always spread the word about how great of an experience it is from start to finish dealing with Laymani Boxers. 

Take care and wish the best of luck in finding loving families for all your furry bundles of joy. 

Kelly Z.


23 February 08

Hello Guy and Denise, 

Well congratulations on the wonderful additions to the Laymani Line! You guys look like you have been very busy!

Mr. Jack is doing wonderful here. He is still growing he weighed 37 pounds on the bathroom scales then ate one of the kids feet so he will continue to grow and be great. He is a great fit with the kids they absolutely love Jack. I am so anxious for the weather to break and we can all get outside for cook outs, camp fires and tents. In the mean time have fun with all the wonderful puppies!

Attached are a couple of photos that were recently taken (five minutes ago). 


Barry, Kelly, Ashley, Dylan and Emma


4 April 08


Jack is a wonderful dog!! He weighed 42 pounds earlier this week and he is just a big puppy!!!

I’ll have to write more later. Going to get the kids for the weekend. 

Thanks Again!!! 


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