He began life as Funanbolo (Tightrope Walker) because we found him walking atop his crib bumpers as a little one.  Funan's original placement did not work out, so we helped to find him a new home and gave him a bit of conditioning with a wheelchair to assist his transition.  This page has early puppy photos and emails with his original family, while updated material is on his Puppy Blog. see Funan's Puppy Blog, Click Here!

Funan is a Flashy Fawn Male with a Thin White Forehead Stripe and a Half Collar on the Right Side.   He looks like a Collared Flashy Fawn on his right side and like a Fawn with some White on his left side.  He moved to a permanent home about an hour's drive from us.  We hope to see him once in awhile when we go kayaking in West Virginia!

 Pumpkin Antics of Funan, Bling, Lollipop and Maxine!

5 January 08

Zena allowed Funan to approach the puppies this evening.  He behaved well and made fast friends of the four little girls.  They have all found their feet and manage to crawl over both puppy bed and big pillow with ease.  When puppy squeaks and howls are heard, we can guess that one of them has found her way under the TV stand and can't find a way out.


Where's the peanut butter?

What's this hot stuff?

How about that white stuff?

Don't think I have to go...lets stay by the fire!

27 January 08

Hi Guy, 

I am glad to hear that you got Molly delivered and that she went to a good family.


We are just loving Chevy. He is so good with the children and he is also doing great in going outside to potty. We are now teaching him to lay and he is doing well with that. He loves it when people come and visit us and we are still working on not jumping on them.


 I will let you know when he is going to the vet and maybe we can stop by and say hi. 




18 February 08

Hi all is going well here with Chevy we just love him and he is doing great. He had his first trip to the pet store with us and got to pick out his own new toys. The workers in the store could not believe how big he was and how well he was behaved for a 6 month old. We also went back to the vet to get his stitches out and get a Kennel Cough shot that he has to have before he starts he training classes next Monday. Elaine was telling us that you had some trouble with Jazzy and her puppies.  Hope that all is going better for you all that has to be very stressful on you. Let me know how things are going. Also i bought nu vet from Elaine for this time i did not know if i could just get it from her or if i need to go through the Internet? Talk to you soon, Amanda 


25 February 08

Hi Guy and Denise, 

Hope that you and all the new puppies are doing great. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Chevy started his training classes tonight and he done really well the trainer liked the way he was so well behaved. He is doing great and well are all loving him. I will keep you posted on how the rest of the classes go. Did you get the pics that i sent you last week? ttys, Mandy


25 February 08

We would love for you to put the pics on the website. I can not believe how much he has grown he is out of his old collar and he is weighing in at 58 lbs.


16 March 08


How are you doing? I am writing because i am in need for some help Chevy is having a very bad time when i have to put him in his kennel. He licks his feet until they are red and he slobbers like crazy, at night he barks the whole time that he is in the kennel and we don't get any sleep. So now we are just letting him out in the house at night. I tried to leave him out in the house while i ran to the bank hoping that way he would not get upset and he peed in my chair that he knows that he is not allowed in. I am totally devastated i don't know where i went wrong with him. I take him with me when i can but there are times that he just can not go. He always gets walks and tons of play time. He is still going to his training classes and he is doing well with that. I am hoping that you might have some help for me. I talked to my trainer and he thinks that Chevy has separation anxiety. Do you know anything about this condition? Please let me know your thoughts. Amanda


17 March 08

Chevys kennel is in my bedroom i thought that he might sleep in it at night if he could see me. I think this all started after i had to leave him over night at the vet we i got him fixed. He always went right in his kennel before and never chewed his feet. When i picked him up Elaine had asked me why his feet were so pink and they were wet. so i am thinking that me leaving him there and he was in a kennel might have started this(just my thought). I always leave the TV on for him when i leave. He is fine at home with my husband he just hates to be all alone.



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