Puppies born 12Feb12

Sophie is a big girl!  She throws our linebackers and her puppies may range from Sealed Reverse to Fawn.  They start large and grow fast!
Thurman came out of retirement for these puppies.  He is 10.5 years old, as active as ever, and still over 100 pounds.
Sophie has just turned 5 and is retiring with this litter.




"Candy" - Fawn Female with White Smudge on Nose
26Mar - 9 lb   BW - 14 3/8 oz



"Coco" - Brindle Female with White Stripe on Face
26Mar - 9 lb   BW - 15 7/8 oz



15Feb - New linoleum floor in place and puppies back under the heat lamp.  Miss Sophie had been whining to go back to her "den", so we hustled to replace her flooring.

Sophie's puppies are larger than Kali's, even though they are newborn and a week younger.  As always... Sophie's linebackers.

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