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Laymani puppies are sent to the best homes we can find and their new families are enormously proud of their puppies.  The Laymani Family web pages provide a place for follow-on photos of purchased puppies, beyond the normal updates that we send directly by email.  After our puppies go to their permanent home, these pages will provide a place for the new owners to post photos so the rest of us can see how our favorite Laymani puppies are doing.

Many Laymani Families begin corresponding via email months before they take a puppy home.  On the Family pages, you will find details of their experiences and often find photos highlighting their growing puppy.  We consider these pages to be an excellent source of information for new family questions about training, health, vet visits, ear cropping, and family integration.  As always, if you have questions beyond the scope of this resource, please call or email us!

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Our Laymani Families continue to stay in touch, sending lots of photos and emails, and some of them have had Laymani Boxers for over four years.  Many have dealt with integrating a puppy into households with children, cats, and adult dogs.  We have long felt that their experience should be brought to bear for the benefit of our new Families.  To encourage that Laymani Family interaction, we created a Laymani Boxers page on Facebook, where Fans can share questions and solutions, display photos or just brag about their puppies.

Family interest and interaction are blossoming on our Facebook Fan Page.  You can view our Laymani Page from the link below, even if you don't have a Facebook account.
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Penelope and Dax's January 2016 Puppies
Laymani Ice, Snow, Winter, Frost

Lollipop and Chase's November 2015 Puppies
Ana, Gabriella, Kona

Luna and Dax's September 2015 Puppies
Chap, Duke, Harlee, Lily, Sabu, Trooper

Penelope and Rumor's May 2015 Puppies
Bane, Jett, Mira

Zena and Thurman's September 09 Puppies
Achilles, Brutus, Chance, Davey, Dempsey, Tuffy
(This litter begins the transition from individual puppy pages to group pictures on Google and Facebook.)



Kali and Duke's Christmas 2008 Puppies
Bella Joy, Flex, Isabelle, Maizey, Punchy, Tucker
Click to see an active, growing, nub-waggin' Laymani crew having...
Puppy Fun in the Whelping Box - 4 Weeks Old
Summer Puppies

(L-R) Angelo, Popeye, Carmine, Isabel, Rosa, Gina, Chick, Lola
Puppies outside in their new 15 foot play yard, 13Sep08
New page... Fall Puppy Play
Dutchess and Thurman's July 2008 Puppies
Andre, Layla, Lola, Loki, Marius, Murphy, Niko, Philomina, Popeye
Click for Fall Puppy Play with some of Dutchess and Sophie's puppies.
Jazzy and Duke's February 2008 Puppies
Bosco, Braddock, Jake, LolaR. Baxter
Click for Mooses vs Meeses meeting of Diana and Jazzy's puppies.
Click Zena Puppy Pages for a multi-page pictorial of this litter's journey at Laymani Boxers.

Click Sissy Puppy Pages for a multi-page pictorial of this litter's journey at Laymani Boxers.


Some of the photos on our Laymani website are by Kristie Detlor of No Limits Images.  (Thurman's Mom and our Daughter)
She can be contacted at 740-336-1888 for photography appointments.



Laymani Boxers is routinely contacted by families that have recently lost their precious Boxer.  The work of Meg Sodano came to our attention through one of our Laymani Families, and we are happy to include a link to her website here.

Pet Portraits by Meg Sodano


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