This puppy is our monster-puppy.  He's definitely the largest of the group and wants everyone to know it.  His new owner is already calling him "Elvis".  He romps and tangles and barks and chases and then he falls down and sleeps.  Mom Sissy has recently been curbing his more energetic interactions with his siblings and has been wrassling with him herself.

Laymani Bello Due
11 pounds at 6 weeks
(Beautiful #2)
The husky boy is Pittsburgh bound!

23 March 07

Guy and Denise,

I wanted to give you an update on Elvis.  We just got back from the vet a few minutes ago and Elvis weighs an incredible 28.5 pounds.  He has a great personality and everyone who meets him instantly loves him!  He is great with the cats, other dogs, and he loves people.  It was obvious right from the beginning that he loves babies also, he has been great with my niece and nephew!  Elvis eats non stop and he is growing fast!  He is still a little clumsy, I think because his paws are enormous and are way too big for his body.  He loves taking walks and playing in the yard.  He also is finally house broken.  We are totally thrilled to have him around and he is spoiled rotten.  I can't thank you guys enough for the great start and love and attention that you obviously gave him.  I will email you some pictures soon.  Hope you both are doing well and I am glad to see that you are expanding your breeding operation.  Take care.


15 May 07

Hi Guy and Denise,

I hope everything is going well with you guys.  Elvis is growing up fast.  He is a great dog with a great personality.  Full of energy, yet well behaved and a quick learner.  He loves everything and everyone.  Loves going on walks and he loves dinner!  Elvis is now a 49 pound beast!  His feet are huge and he is clearly going to be a big dog!  Attached are a few pictures from about a month ago.  The last picture is of one a friend of Elvis, an Akita named Bear.  Bear's owner has a black eye from an accidental headbutt from Elvis!  I will send more pictures as I can, but I need to buy a new camera because in one of Elvis' weaker moments, he chewed my old camera into a bunch of pieces.  Oh well, he's still learning!  Take care  



22 February 08

Hi Guy and Denise,
I have been thinking of dropping you an email for some time now, but life is hectic and I never got around to it.  Elvis is doing great and he is a fantastic dog!  He still acts like a puppy but he is now getting quite large.  He tips the scales at 98 pounds and he still clearly has some filling out to do.  He is great with people, kids and elderly alike, and he LOVES other dogs.  He has more friends than I do and he runs around with other dogs regularly.  I have never seen an animal who has more energy!  He is hyper pretty much all the time, and he can play forever.  We take a 21/2 mile walk every morning and a 2 mile run every night( I've lost 15 pounds since last year because of all of the added exercise).  I thought that you might like some pictures so I attached a few.  Hope everything is well with you!

Take care,


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