Pedigrees can be wonderful research tools for the folks who are familiar with established lines and great Champions, but for the rest of the world, photographs can provide real insight into the ingredients that were considered in the breeding of your puppy.  You will find the following ancestors in Duke's pedigree, which ties into a rich variety of Champion lines.

Boomer II, Duke's Sire

CH Heldenbrand's Heartbreaker, SOM
(CH Heldenbrand's Jedi Knight  X  CH Wheatland's Gem V Heldenbrand)

CH Heldenbrand's Jedi Knight
(CH Heldenbrand's Kansas Twister  X  Misty Mountain Rhodes)

CH. Carlo von Henningshof (n. 20/03/1972)
DBZB 130612 - Sch H1
HD 1 - tigrato scuro
h. 63 x l. 62 - Kg. 31
occhio 1a
Ch. Italiano - Ch. Club - Ch. Austria
Bundessieger - WELTSIEGER -
Jahressieger - Atiboxsieger 

Am/Can Ch Salgray's Battle Chief, SOM

Ch Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM LOM - Ch Slipper of Grayarlin, DOM
Owners: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hamilburg
Handler: Jane Kamp - Grayarlin Kennels
Photo taken 1960

Ch Salgray's Fashion Plate, SOM

Am/Can Ch Salgray's Battle Chief, SOM - Ch Marquam Hill's Flamingo, DOM
Owner: Mrs. and Mrs. Daniel Hamilburg


Ch Salgray's Ambush, SOM LOM

Owner: Mrs. and Mrs. Daniel Hamilburg

Ch Salgray's Flying High, SOM LOM

Litter brother to Fashion Plate

Ch Salgray's Ovation, SOM LOM

cover of Dog News - Jan/Feb 1968

Ch Marquam Hill's Traper of Turo, SOM

ICH Mephisto's Vendetta, SOM - Ch Marquam Hills Turo's Whisper of 5T's

Ch TuRo's Whisper of 5 T's, DOM
Handled by Al Lee

CH. Iko von Springbach (n. 10/06/1967)
DBZB 115917 - Sch H1 - AD - ZTP
HD 1 - Tigrato oro
h. 63 x l. 64 - kg. 34,5
occhio 2b

INT CH Millan's Fashion Hint SOM LOM


Dirk v. Höhhlz
(n. 18/12/1962) DBZB 102505
Sch. H 2 - Tigrato oro
h. 62 x l. 61 - peso Kg. 31
Occhio 2b - Dentatura 1a

CH. Witherford Hot Chestnut
(n. 17/06/1960) DBZB 97812
Sch. H1 - tigrato oro
h. 62 x l. 62,5 - Kg. 31
occhio 2a

CH. Godewind vom Dom
(n. 03/05/1959) DBZB 92499
Sch H1 - Tigrato scuro
h. 63 x l. 65 - peso Kg. 36
occhio 2b

CH. Witherford Dawn Sky

INT CH Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM LOM


Primus v. Dom (n. 17/11/1951)
DBZB 68197
Sch. H 3 - fulvo cervo
occhio 2b

Wasko v. d. Reiterstadt Verden (n. 02/04/1950)
DBZB 59137
Sch. H 1 - tigrato oro


CH Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, SOM LOM

Abra Dabra of Sirrah Crest (n. 25/03/1948)
USA IV 118943 - Tigrato oro

Philipp Stockmann con:
Ch. Lustig von Dom (primo piano)
DBZB 29518 - Sch H1
Ch. Zorn von Dom (in secondo piano)

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