Bonnie is a Female Flashy Reverse Brindle with Full White Collar and Chest.

She weighed 3 pounds on August 21 and 42 pounds on 3 January 08.

1 July 07

First, let me say that when I think of boxers, the dogs on your website are exactly what I see in my mind’s eye.All of your dogs are beautiful animals. 

You mention that you may have a litter this summer between Duke and Mara. We would be very interested in a puppy from this litter. Do you have Duke/Mara puppies currently available or on the way? 

Also, it was love at first sight when we saw the photo of Sophia. She’s gorgeous. We would also be interested in a puppy from a Duke/Sophia litter in the spring. 

My wife and I have been married for 21 years, and we have always had one or more boxers. My wife bought our first boxer, a beautiful flashy brindle for my birthday, the first year we were married. (I had told her I grew up with boxers, so she thought that would be a great birthday present. And it was) Maximilian grew into an 85 lb beauty that we loved dearly. Since then we have had a six other boxers, fawns and brindles, males and females and we loved them all. 

We currently have one boxer, also named Duke. He’s a flashy brindle, five years old. He did not get as big as I had hoped, about 65 lbs, but he sure has become one of our favorites because of his personality and disposition. He’s one cool dog! 

But as Duke gets older, and our own three “puppies” (Michel, Nick and Lucy) are almost ready to leave the nest, we are looking to expand our family. 

We live in Pennsylvania, near Pymatuning Lake, so it would be a relatively short trip to SE Ohio. Please let us know if you have puppies available. If not we would still be interested in seeing you other dogs…. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Mike and Lynn


27 July 07

Hi Denise & Guy!  Once again it was so nice to spend some time with you!  How are the girls hanging in there? 

I was studying your puppy pages… on page 3….#5 Bella Cinque seems to have a lot of wrinkles.  I like that wrinkled look.  Reminds me of the bull dog in them.  It’s not a necessity, but I do like it,  Maybe you could add that to our notes.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  I can’t imagine what it’s like for you guys!!  I know it’s a lot of work, but what a miracle to be a part of!  I can’t wait! 

Off to get my hair trimmed. 

Love, Lynn


8 August 07

Hi Denise,  I am so so sorry about Mara.  I  can’t even imagine what you are feeling.  I loved her too and couldn’t wait for one of her puppies.  My prayers are with you & Guy.

I’m certain we will “find” out baby out of 9!  We don’t have to have flashy. A little white stripe on the face and chest or feet will be fine.  We like the broad face like Duke has and I of course love wrinkles!   So I’m sure God has one intended for us!  How many girls are there?   I’m anxious to see pictures and pick her out!  This is all so exciting!  Mike is so excited that they are reverse brindles… he’s wanted one forever!   And now that I’ve seen one in person, I think they are beautiful too.

Try to have a good night and I’ll keep praying!

Love, Lynn


20 August 07

HI!   Here is a picture of Clyde’s Dad.  And a picture of him with his brothers & sister at camp.  They took all 5 puppies to their camp in the mountains….crqzy! 

Can’t wait to see pictures.  When I was looking at Sissy’s litter… the one reverse brindle with the little white spot on the back of the neck a girl? 

We’re not dead set on Reverse brindles…. We also want to have a brindle.. so I don’t know if there are any females that color or not.  I forgot to mention that last night. 

Talk to you later!  Lynn

20 August 07

Hi Guy and Denise 

Lynn and I have talked and have decided that it would be best for us to wait for Sophie to have puppies. We basically agree with you about the AKC vs. CKC registry not meaning a whole lot relative of the quality of the animal, and if we weren’t going to breed, then this puppy would be way more than adequate for us. But, I would be more comfortable staying with the AKC registry. 

Are there other families lined up for a Duke/Sophie pup? I think they will have an outstanding litter, and will be worth the wait.  

Thanks. We will be keeping in touch … 

Mike & Lynn


On September 6, this puppy weighed 5.5 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.

9 September 07

Thanks so much for the pictures!!!  She’s soooo cute!  We have looked at all your updated pictures of all 17 puppies….they all look so cute! 

Wanted to know if Saturday the 22nd would be ok to pick up Bonnie?  The schedule is already made out for me for this work week, so I put down for the 22nd and should get it off.

I know she will be 7 weeks old.  Let us know if that’s ok with you guys!  Can’t wait to squeeze her… and all the other little ones!!   


Mother of Bonnie


19 September 07

Hi Denise and Guy 

Well, we are so excited to get our puppy, we can hardly wait…but wait we must, for a couple more days.  

Have run into a small snag in our plan to pick up Bonnie…hopefully you can work with us. 

Lynn is unable to get off work this Sat or Sun….. 

So, what we’d like to do is leave here Saturday morning early enough to get to your place by 10:00 am. If we are back on the road by 11:00, we should be able to get back in time for Lynn to get to work.  

Let me know if that works for you guys. If not, we’ll reconnoiter and figure out something else.  

We really look forward to seeing you again.


22 September 07

Wanted to let you know we made it home with our baby girl. She is resting peacefully at my feet under the computer desk as I type this. She just loves to be around us. Thanks so much for the great job you guys have done preparing her to join our family.  

She slept most of the way home. We stopped twice, once at a rest stop to give her a little water and exercise, and later to get something to eat. Both times she got sick when we stopped traveling. As long as we were moving she was fine. Go figger!!   

Duke and Clyde have accepted her with no problems. As predicted, Clyde was being rowdy, wanting her to play rough, while Duke was more the protector, ensuring that Clyde does not hurt her.   

She really is going to be an outstanding dog. She is so beautifully marked and has such a sweet disposition.   

Thanks for the announcement and card you tucked away in the bag of Bonnie goodies. What a nice touch!! Getting a puppy from Laymani has been such a pleasant and positive experience. You guys really set a good example of how do it! As we get our program going, we are definitely going to model after yours.   

We’ll keep you posted on Bonnie’s development, and send some pics once we get a decent digital camera.  Thanks again for everything. 

Mike & Lynn


3 January 08

Good Morning!  So sorry it’s been so long since we’ve been in touch… so much happening!  Bonnie is doing great!  She weighs 42#’s.  She is a huge lap dog.  Such a sweet personality… but also very mischievious!  She’s also the first boxer we’ve had that “talks”….when you’re petting her and talking… she just starts talking back.  She reminds me of a teenage girl!  We just love her!  And so does Clyde.  He is now 10 months old and not as big as we thought he was going to be , unless he takes a growing spurt soon.  He is 57#.  We’re pretty sure that Bonnie will be bigger than him.  We will try to take pictures and send…just never seem to think about it. 

A sad thing happened to Bonnie her first week here.  She was sniffing around the dog dishes… it was not feeding time so we were really surprised when Duke snapped at her.  We’ve had Duke for 5 years and it was so out of character for him to do that.  Well, he got her right below her right eye.  She ended up loosing that eye.  We were so upset but she has adjusted and is still as gorgeous as ever!  Well, a couple months later we found out that Duke had been really sick… his kidneys were failing.  We had to put him down, which was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do.  So that explained why he snapped at her, he just wasn’t himself. 

Do you have reservations for the 4 puppies you have from Zena?  Has Dutchess been bred to Thurman yet? 

Thanks for all the updates…. We still look at your website every few days just to keep up with you guys! 

Love, Lynn & Mike


14 January 08

Hi Denise!  How’s “puppy time” going?  I see that 2 are sold.  That’s good!  I know you don’t have much “spare” time in the day, but if you do…. I was wondering just what ARE your days like with a litter of puppies.  Do you get ANY time to do anything else?  Or are you always paying attention to them?   Are they running free thru the house or do you crate time and play yard time?    I’m just wondering because I keep reading about breeding and I just wonder do you still have any kind of a life for 6-8 weeks??!!    So,,,, if you wouldn’t mind.. I’m very interested in “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DENISE & GUY! 

Thanks,  Lynn 

Bonnie is getting bigger and badder!  She is SO spunky and sassy!  I wonder if the other puppies are like her at all?


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