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Bling is a Female Reverse Brindle with a small White Stripe between her Shoulders.  She's a darker Reverse with White on her Chest and up to her Neck.  Bling has great house manners and loves to cuddle

5 November 07

Good afternoon! 

I was surfing the internet in search of a good boxer breeder nearby my home and was fortunate enough to find your website.  I have been considering purchasing a boxer puppy since my younger brother purchased one this past summer, and have recently decided to take the necessary steps to find a good puppy.  I was wondering if you still have puppies available, and specifically whether any of the female puppies pictured on your site are still available (Bling, Lollipop, and Midnight)?  Also, I was wondering where exactly your farm is located (I live in Lancaster, OH), and whether I could stop down to your farm sometime soon to check out the puppies (if any are available)?  I hope to hear from you soon, thanks very much. 




3 December 07

Hello Denise, 

Thank you for keeping me posted with the new information.  I actually have been considering an older pup recently, mainly because I am currently in my 3rd year of law school, which makes life pretty hectic at times!  Although, I live at home with my parents and youngest brother, so they're always willing to pitch-in and help me when life is extra busy.  I was very interested in Bling from the beginning and I would love to come and meet her sometime soon, although I will likely need to wait for a couple weeks, as my final exams are scheduled for later this week.  I think I could come and visit sometime the following week (Dec. 10-15), if that would be possible for you.  I know that is cutting it close to Christmas and all of the extra considerations that come with the season, so just let me know what would be best for you.  I will be in touch over the coming weeks and look forward to meeting all of you.  Thanks again for the heads-up, and I'll talk with you soon. 



12 December 07

Good afternoon Denise, 

Bling was a little upset last night, I could tell she missed you guys and Funan.  She was quick to seek comfort in my arms though, which was encouraging.  I laid with her a while on the floor, and it was time for me to try and get some sleep so I tried to encourage her to sleep on her pillow in the crate.  She was hesitant about going into her crate and sleeping on the pillow, but I put the pink blanket you sent and some of the swaths of cloth with familiar scents on top with her toys and layed down next to it and she went in and was able to get to sleep.  I'm sorry to hear Funan is having a tough time too, I hope he feels better soon.  I hope so for yours and Guy's sakes too,  hopefully tonight is a little easier for all of you.  It's funny you mention the water bottles, I was moving some recycling around in the garage last night when playing with Bling, and some bottles fell on the floor...she looked like a kid on Christmas morning!  I am eager to see the ice-cube chase also!  She has definitely won my heart (I imagine she could win most anyone's!) and I love when she sits and cocks her head to the side with that blink, the cutest thing, my sister is going to rave about her...especially when she sees that!  I haven't told my younger sister, Anna, yet...I want to surprise her when she gets home for her Christmas break!  Mom and Dad and my youngest brother, Matthew loved her instantly, and my other younger brother Vincent will meet her soon when he comes home for Christmas.  He will love her just as much, and I think his boxer, Beebe will be pleasantly surprised also!  I'm happy to hear that you are looking to place Funan, and welcome my recommendations, I will definitely keep my ear open for anyone who may be in need of a great companion such as Funan, and will happily recommend you and Guy with highest regards.  Well, as I said before, if you and Guy are ever missing Bling and would like a visit, please let me know and I'll stop down your way with her as soon as I'm able.  In the meantime, I'll be sure to send plenty of photos and email stories!  Thanks so much again for such a wonderful addition to the family.  Give Funan a rub for me, pictures will be coming soon! 



10 January 08

Hey Denise & Guy, 

Bling is doing quite well, growing fast!  She loves to eat, and quickly, hah.   It's ok though, because she loves playing out in the yard and chasing Beebe, my brother's puppy, when Beebe is carrying a toy, so she works it off.  She also still loves to just sit with me and chill out.  I have attached some pictures of her so you can see how she's progressing.  I hope you and the pups are doing well.  Talk to you soon. 



14 January 08

You're welcome, Denise.  I'm glad you liked the pictures!  I did not change her name, I liked it and since she knew it relatively well already, and it fit her personality perfectly, I decided to keep it!  I am always keeping you and Guy in my thoughts when I run into people who may be in the market for a loving boxer, I'd love for someone I know to get a pup from you, especially Funan since I got to meet him and he seemed so great as well!  I'll keep my ears open, and in the meantime, good luck with all the new pups.  Thanks again and I'll send more pictures soon...Bling and Beebe are having such a great time playing together, I think I'm going to take a video with my digital camera and post it to YouTube, so if/when I do that, I'll let you know how to find it as well. 



8 March 08

Hey Denise and Guy,  

I've just been thinking I need to drop you an email and some pictures.  I just had Bling outside in this awesome snowfall we have, it's about a foot deep in our yard...Bling was just loving bounding through it and running around the big pine trees and hiding under them.  She also loved playing hide and seek with me behind big snow drifts, it was hilarious!  I took some short video on my digital camera which  will try to post to YouTube later today and I'll send you the link if it works.  I'll also send you the photos I took.  That's awesome about the new Bling look-alikes, I'll certainly keep my ears open for potential families.  I hope all else is well, good luck with the new litters and I'll talk to you soon! 


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