Bella Grace 

Bella Grace's new family sent a photo of their Cinnamon, pictured above  Their Boxer has since departed this realm, but they immediately noticed the resemblance between Bella Grace and one of her puppies, so they had to have her!

Laymani Bella Grace
9.5 pounds at 6 weeks
(Beautiful Grace)
She looks just like one of Cinnamon's puppies!

Bella Grace is a calm, well-mannered puppy.  She loves to hug your neck and snuggle.

20 April 07

Hello, I am so sorry we have never updated you on Bella Grace.  We just have been so busy, our computer took a you know what, we bought a new camera in April and the chip does not work, we cannot download pictures.  Anyway, Bella is doing great, very active and keeps us on our toes.  The biggest problem we have had is her dashing to the neighbors or across the street.  Yes, we had a visit from the police department because she scratched a little boy across the street, so we decided to invest in a training collar which we have used in the past.  It really has worked well.  She is staying in the yard and listening very well!!!   She used to jump alot but since she is getting so big that has lightened up... we are working on the licking.  She is a wonderful addition to our family.  We enjoy just about every minute with her... she is always putting a smile on our faces for one reason or another.  She loves playing hula hoop, which she carries just about everywhere in the yard, and she actually plays basketball with the girls.  Thank you all so much - you did a wonderful job in their first 2 months of life and structured the well!!!  I promise once we get our camera figured out I will send pictures.  Thanks again and have a great summer!!!!


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