Bella is a Female Fawn with a White Chest and a Brown Dot in the center of her Chest.  She weighed 5 pounds on 20 September.

Bella is pictured above with her buddy Kiwi.  Bella has the White Spot on her Nose.


Above Photos by Kristie Detlor, No Limits Images

On September 6, this puppy weighed 3 pounds.  The following photos are from bath time.

Bella weighed 1.5 pounds on August 21.

24 September 07


My name is Megan and I am interested in one of your puppies, specifically Sorella.  I was wondering if she was still available for purchase? Please let me know as soon as possible.  The best way to contact me is via email.  My email address is XXXXX@XXXXX.XXX.
I look forward to hearing from you,



25 September 07


Since Sorella has been placed, I would be interested in stopping by to see Dot, the puppy you mentioned below.  I love the fawn color puppies, and really liked the markings on Sorella, so if Dot is similar I would love to meet her and her parents.  It sounds like we are fairly close in distance, although I'm not very familiar with your area.  I'll call you tonight to set up some time to come over when it's convenient for both of us.  Thanks so much for the information!  I love hearing about the demeanor of the puppies and how they received their names.

I look forward to speaking with you,

2 October 07

Hello Guy and Denise!!

I'm very excited to pick up Dot this Thursday and bring her to her new home!  I've been preparing for her arrival over the weekend and think I'm just about set.  I noticed in the grocery store that Purina makes 2 different kinds of puppy chow.  One is in a teal colored bag that simply stated it was Purina puppy chow and the other was in a burgundy bag that was called Purina One puppy chow.  I was wondering which of these she is currently eating so that I can continue her on the same diet.  Other than that, I think I'm all set for Thursday.  I'll call you once again before I leave so you have an idea of what time I should arrive.
I hope the preparations for your Italian dinner are going well!

See you in a few days,


10 October 07

Good Morning Guy and Denise!

How funny, I just logged into my account to send you an update on Bella (formerly Dot) and saw your email on the rest of the family!  Great to hear that everyone seems to be doing well!

Bella has adjusted extremely well and seems to like her new home.  She had her first vet visit with me on Monday at the Milliron Clinic and the vet there couldn't believe how good she was.  He told me that she was going to be a wonderful dog and that she was in great health.  She truly was an angel at the vet and is headed back in a few weeks for another round of shots.  She's gained another pound, weighing in at 9.5 lbs at the vet on Monday.

She really does have a sweet demeanor and continues to give me kisses everytime she sees me.  She still loves the toy you sent home with her best, but has taken to a few others that I bought for her.  We are having a blast together and I have to thank you for her upbringing!  You guys did an absolutely wonderful job in the first 2 months of her life, she is a very happy and calm puppy who loves to play and curl up next to me for her naps. 
Here's a few pictures I've taken of her so far...

Take care and stay in touch,

4 December 07

Hello Guy and Denise!

I'm so happy to hear from you both again.  I love receiving updates on how Bella's brothers and sisters are doing.  Bella has been an absolute joy to have as a companion and friend.  She's an absolute joy and learns tricks quickly. She has already learned to sit, stay and come, so now we are working on a few new ones.

She hates the rain and wet grass, so it's always very comical to get her to go out in those conditions.  She always tries to stand under the umbrella with me when I take her out!  We'll have to see how she reacts to the snow when it finally falls.

Bella was about 6 lbs when I first brought her home and now she is approximately 20 lbs (I haven't put her on the scale recently so that's my best guess).  She continues to grow at a healthy rate and loves to go for walks.  She is definitely the talk of the neighborhood, everytime we go out someone has to stop to see the new puppy.  We all can't believe how big she's gotten in just a few short months!

Although Bella is extremely spoiled and has many toys, her favorite toy to play with right now is a small stuffed squeaker dog with a Santa hat on that my grandma bought for her.  She loves to toss it in the air and run after it.  She'll do laps around the kitchen table with it, squeaking it the whole time.  I guess you could say she's in the Christmas spirit!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

Take Care,


18 December 07

Yeah!!!  Congratulations on the 4 new babies!  I bet they are absolutely adorable :o)  Another Christmas litter...just a little earlier this time around.

I love the new additions to the website.  It looks wonderful!  I've been enjoying looking at how Bella's brothers and sisters are growing.  Many of them look a lot like Bella and make similar faces for pictures.  It's really cute to see.

Bella and I will be travelling home to Michigan for the holidays, so she will get her first chance at seeing a LOT of snow vs. the small amount we have had here so far.  She has a lot of friends and family back home anxiously awaiting to see her, so I have no doubt she will be spoiled rotten for Christmas.

Anyway, just wanted to say my congrats on the new little ones.  They will definitely keep you busy once again.  Enjoy!

Megan & Bella

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