At Laymani Boxers, our girls spend the last part of each pregnancy and the time spent raising puppies right in the house.  When we don't have puppies, we rotate our females in and out to ensure that they remember how to behave indoors.

Our adults are under regular veterinarian care.  We value her advice and professional service, so innoculations and tests are all performed at her clinic.  All are routinely treated with heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative.  Any outside additions to our line are housed separately until cleared and immediately tested for heartworm, parasites, thyroid deficiency and brucellosis (as appropriate).  During their first visit to our vet, they are brought up-to-date on rabies shots and innoculations.  They are also weighed and receive a general physical.

The Laymani Boxers live as a natural community, romping within a 60x90 outside enclosure and several smaller play yards.  They have an adjacent, freely accessible, 16x24 heated indoor space for sleeping and cold weather.  Walks happen on the back-forty acres, a mile-long journey through grassland, surrounded by forest.  Females in estrus, near whelping or feeding puppies need outside exercise, but protection from rough play, so we also have two smaller enclosed areas surrounding two 10x10 shaded kennels with filtered water and wood-chip-cushioned doghouses.

Their diet consists of a premium dry dog food and a selection of raw meaty bones (RMB), plus NuVet supplement tabs.  Pregnant and lactating females receive an additional calcium supplement.

We feel that varying their routine and their food, while providing lots of loving human interaction, makes for happy, healthy Boxers!  Click here for photos of our Boxers at play. 

Slideshow of Sissy's Retirement Party

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Chase is an AKC-registered and DNA-profiled Flashy Fawn Male with Black Mask and White Markings from a Champion Sire.  He has a wonderful disposition and a classy look.

 More photos soon!

Chase Sep2012.jpg

Chase's Pedigree

Chase has brought us great-looking puppies!

Laymani Thurms Rumoroso is an AKC-registered and DNA-profiled Brindle Male with Black Mask and White Markings.  At 6 years old and around 90 pounds, Rumor is a big Boxer!  He loves to please and is a big huggy-bug like his Daddy (Thurman). 

    (Above photos are Rumor at 12 months)

Please see Amelia and Thurman's pedigrees for more information.


Dax is a handsome AKC-registered Reverse Brindle (nearly Sealed) Male.  He weighs around 75 pounds.

Dax lives across the state with his own Laymani Family, though he originated here as a Diana puppy.  He will be available for several select breedings.


Laymani Daisy is a sweet-tempered, beautiful AKC-registered Brindle Female with Black Mask and White Markings.


Daisy is from Secrests Daisy and Duke.
(Same name as Mom!)

Click for more Daisy photos!

Laymani Jessie is insistent but attentive.  She is also especially easy to work with!  Jessie is AKC-registered and a littermate of Daisy II.
Jessie now lives in nearby West Virginia with our son's family.
We will continue to carry her information here for Laymani continuity.


Laymani Lollipop is an AKC-registered Reverse Brindle.  Her coat coloring is very dark and nearly Sealed.

Lollipop 16Feb15 02.jpg

Lollipop 16Feb15 01.jpg

 Lollipop is from Diana and Duke.  Please see their pedigrees for more information.


 Click here for photos of Lollipop as a puppy!

Lollipop is a smaller Boxer, who craves attention!
Our Notte (retired) is a sister from an earlier litter of Diana and Duke.  Momma Diana was one of the most popular Laymanis and has been retired for some time.

Laymani Genevieves Shining Penelope
Penny is a Flashy Fawn.  "Flashy" is the White Markings on the face, neck and legs.
A Genevieve/Chase puppy from our own program, Penny is already a large Boxer.  She has tons of energy and always wants attention.

Penelope 29Oct13 15.jpg

Penelope 29Oct13 02.jpg

Penelope 29Oct13 08.jpg

Penny is nearly 10 months old in these photos.

Penelope 29Oct13 01.jpg

Penelope 29Oct13 26.jpg

Penelope 29Oct13 17.jpg

Penny is from Genevieve and Chase.  Please see their pedigrees for more information.

Natasha's Moolight Dancer Luna is a large, AKC Registered, Classic Fawn.

 Luna has competed in International All Breed Canine Association shows, earning an International Jr Championship in the 2014 Buckeye State Sieger, held in Dayton, OH.

She has also qualified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen.

These last two photos are from the day Luna came to us.
She had been training for a timed 12 mile run and was very lean (and very muscular)!

Her sire is a European import, and her previous owner wanted a working Boxer, trained and shown in the German style.

To educate our Laymani Families, we have included the...
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